Submission Article #4 revise, revise, revise

I’m sort of celebrating a milestone today. I have documented proof that I have written over ONE MILLION words. What this translates is I’ve written five novels, plus something my daughter called Mom’s Monster Document. It’s the first story I ever wrote. Actually, it’s like three books in one, a family saga if you will, that’s a real mess. I could probably cut two thirds and have one decent novel out of it. That means an intense revision, something even I in my ignorance even hesitant to undertake.

I have one I’m working with a personal editor. It’s making progress. Now that I’ve learned how to format a document, the correct font, and some on line grammar courses now I need to work on the plot. I have three additional scenes I need to insert into the story. I have to figure out how to include them seamlessly. Oh, I received two more ‘no thanks.’

I also joined an online forum where you zoom with other writers and spend an hour writing, a fifteen minute pause for discussion, and another hour writing. I have no problem with the writing part (as you can see). These people are real. They publish with traditional book companies. I think if I do that again I need to keep my mouth shut, and keep my inexperience to myself.

Yay me!

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