Essay – Happy Mothers Day!

This is for all you that have a Mother, which means all of you, unless you climbed out of the primordial soup. I am a mother with two children who went out in the world to find their path. Too bad they are 10 hours away. My own mother is five minutes away in a dedicated memory care facility. She knows my name, and that we are related (the last time I saw her she called me her ‘in-law.’) She is ninety-two. My brothers and I are in limbo. Like many moms, some of yours might have passed on and all you have left is your memories. I grieve our mother’s passing every time I see her. She’s under five tall and weighs 89 lbs, but her heart keeps pumping. I question God’s wisdom. I know I’m not supposed to, but really God, WTF?

Then there is my mother-in-law, who is 91. Her short term memory is shot, she can’t see or hear, but she has an adult son who lives with her. Some one in that house is incontinent. I think it’s the dog. It makes for a short visit. Those beautiful oriental rugs she inherited from her second husband, trashed. Oh well. There’s more to life than nice carpets. Her children are operating on a wait and see plan. She can’t live forever, why not just leave her be? I can think of a lot reasons, but it’s not my call.

This Mother’s Day I miss my mom. I miss my kids. I feel a bit unmoored, as in not connected to this whole mom thing. I am one and have one but it’s just another Sunday. I will remember my mom as the vibrant, loving mom of my youth who appears daily in my thoughts and actions. She lives on, her blood is my blood, and it courses down into my daughters. I hope the lessons she taught me I was able teach them.

So to all the mom’s out there, enjoy your day. You rock. One of the things my mother passed down was her love of Erma Bombeck, who if you don’t know who she you should google her. I leave you with one of Erma’s quotes. “MOTHERHOOD. THE WORLD’S SECOND OLDEST PROFESSION.”

Love you, Momma

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