Submission Article #5 the let-down

Whenever you get to end of a manuscript, something odd happens, at least for me. I sent it to a professional editor to polish it up, so I am waiting for her to send it back highlighted in red with more work to do. I am not sure I can revise it any more. This process has exhausted me.

It’s waiting, waiting, waiting, like a little kid waiting to go to the fair. When you get to the fair it’s the same thing thing it was last year. It’s anticlimactic. I thought I’d feel more triumphant. Now I need to start the process of querying. I feel kind of feel bad, perhaps I sent out queries before I should. In my defense it takes up to three months to have your manuscript queried so I’d figured it would be close to finished at this time. Hopefully that will be the case.

Meanwhile, I will wait for her feedback. With dread. What if she tells me I have a ton of work left to do? I’ll go back to the drawing board, I mean the key board and slog away. Wish me luck.

The late, great, Heath Ledger

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