They say you should blog if you want to be a writer, i guess because you have to write if you blog. So I’m writing.

Guess what! I won the Pulitzer Prize in literature!

Psyche! April Fool!

Should i write about fools? Why not. There are plenty of them out there. Tom Petty wrote a song about it ‘Fooled Again (and i don’t like it)’ only he was the fool. Some girl fooled him, about love, i would say. He didn’t like it. But was he really a fool? I don’t think so. He got played. Could happen to anybody.

There are plenty of fools we elected into office. We elected them based on what they said they’d do. Were we fools when we elected them into office?Were we fooled by empty promises? Maybe we were just foolish thinking things would be different.

Me? Am i a fool thinking i have potential career as writer? Probably. Not that I’m i bad writer, i may be, but there are a lot of bad writers fooling themselves into obscurity. A lot of good writers, too. To actually get an agent who scores you a contract, that’s the holy grail. That’s you winning a gold medal. Or the lottery. Did you know many people are going to finance their retirement with their lottery winnings? Are they fools? To quote Billie Eilish, ‘DUH.’

And those people who think Covid-19 is a hoax, and wearing masks are useless? What about those that think the new RNA vaccines are really minuscule computer chips to control people? Is he a fool?

I know the answer to that last question. It’s YES. I know because he’s my brother.

Happy April 1st.

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