Analog in a Digital World

Hello. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Cynthia A. King. I am a woman of a particular age. That means I have grown children and I’ve been around the block a few times. The world has changed so much over my lifetime I believe I’ve seen a lot and can offer opinions on most of it. I used to be in the medical field, the art field, the junk dealer field, and now the print media field since I’m trying my hand as a writer. One thing I do know about myself is I tend to take on a project and follow it through to the bitter end, the bitterer the better. Or the more bitter the better. Whatever is grammatically correct. Or whichever. Let me know, please? My husband asked me why I don’t just stop? Just give whatever I’m struggling with up and enjoy my life. I said the same reasons you golf.

So this blog will serve a few purposes: allow me to practice writing (my new craft!), and will chronicle my newbie journey as a unpublished, unnoticed, woman’s fiction author. My vision is creating character driven stories occurring in mostly in real time & real world, so no vampires, werewolves or dystopian societies. Just middle aged, post menopausal women who after being a daughter, mother, wife all their lives finally get a chance to decide who they’ll be next. Much love to all who stop by. Cynthia

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