Essay- Happy Earth Day!

I’d like to go pick up some trash but since we got four inches of snow it’s hard to find. I would like to apologize to my kids and future generations for the state of the world you are going to inherit. I get sad when I see pictures of sea turtles swimming with masks wrapped around their feet. when i see a lonely polar bear sitting on an iceberg. And that island of trash the size of Texas floating in the Pacific Ocean, I’ll cry if I think about that.

Here’s to Greta Thunberg who put all adults and world leaders on blast that we should be ashamed of ourselves. If covid has taught us anything it’s that consuming less makes a difference in the health of our planet. Look in your closet. What do actually wear? How much is stuff waiting for you lose ten pounds for you to fit into? Yet we go buy more.

I recently went on vacation and yes, i bought a few things from that company A*****, all made so cheaply one wash and out they go. I’m mad I’ve been brainwashed that I think I needed this junk. I personally vow to buy only second hand clothes. I found any online thrift store called Goodfair. You buy a bundle and get what you get. I bought a bundle of four flannel shirts and liked them all. And EBay. I have specific brands i like i go there. So that’s my contribution to the planet. I will consume less. You should too.

And to my girl Greta Thunberg, rage on. And to paraphrase Bob Marley ‘one love. One planet.’ That’s it, boys and girls. Rage on.

No global warming here.

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