Hello. I am inviting all to follow me as i blog my attempt to learn the the ins ands outs of the publishing industry as an unknown, unpublished, unfollowed author. They say write what you know, and i know quite a little about quite a lot which makes me dangerous. The only thing I’m not is a grandmother, and i better not become one soon. So learn from my mistakes and laugh at my foolishness as I enter a woman’s fiction contest.

I wish i could credit the musician that said this, but i do know she was playing in festival called ‘Afropunk’ in Brooklyn. The name could be wrong because I’m sort of old and can’t remember everything, but this was the main concept of the interview.

Interviewer: what surprised you when first starting a band?

Artist: how badly we sucked.

Int: what else?

Artist: how long we sucked.

Int: why did you decide to go on tour?

Artist: because we wanted to suck out loud.

So here i go. I’m ready to suck out loud, too.